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In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

Generate Revenue with In-App Purchases
Add in-app purchases to your app pricing strategy through Application Value Billing (A-VB), a simple, seamless way to generate revenue beyond the initial application download. Now your applications can serve up, on-demand, incremental in-app transactions, allowing consumers to "up-grade" high-value content, while you enjoy an entirely new revenue stream.

Making business out of business
Using in-app purchases you can explore new pricing strategies, such as driving downloads with free or very low priced apps, then generating revenue-bearing transactions by offering consumers up-grades, or expansions on their app experience. For example, when an end-user buys a car racing game, once they're within the game, they'll be presented with an option to up-grade the racetrack, or race to a Billboard top hit. The transaction is fully integrated into your application; the user doesn't have to disengage to make the purchase. Plus with the service's ability to offer market-specific, incremental pricing, in-app purchases offer a new level of flexibility and opportunity. The following requirements will help guide you in your decision to give in-app purchases a go:

  • Must use Qualcomm's AVB extension
  • Applications with in-app purchases work solely with operators who support A-VB
  • Requires operators who support 3.x Brew handsets or higher, with ADS (Application Download Server) 4.2 or higher
  • Developers set the in-app purchase content fee and operators set the list price
  • Requires amendment to the developer agreement and developer pricing terms

Going to Market
To ensure continued developer growth and a robust application with in-app purchases, you'll have two essential tools available: the Brew development guidelines and an enhanced Brew extension for creating and testing A-VB. And, since settlement and CRM services are supported by the familiar Brew back-end business model, it's easier than ever to generate and collect revenue. This frees you to do what you do best: Create the next great app!


Get started now!

1. Download the Application Value Billing Server Simulator (login required to access this tool)
The Application Value Billing Server Simulator is a Windows PC based application for apps with in-app purchases. It enables Brew Application Developers to test their AVB-enabled application by simulating the responses and error conditions from the ADS. 

2. Download the AVB extension to enable this feature in your app today. 
You must be an authenticated Brew Developer and have an amendment to your Developer Agreement. To get started, login into the Brew Customer Support Portal and create a ticket to request the A-VB amendment to the developer agreement. The extension will be made available to you in the Distribution Extranet’s Extension Library once your contract amendment is in place.


Not an authenticated Brew Developer? See the steps to get authenticated and be the next developer to create apps utilizing in-app purchases on Brew.