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Game mobility requires code portability

I'm taking the risk here of being blatantly self-serving, so please excuse...

During the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose I am holding a 60-minute lecture on the subject Game mobility requires code portability It is a very technical session that discusses methodologies to write portable code. Portable not only to cover various Brew devices, but also to make your code easy to port onto other platforms, such as Pocket PC, MS Smartphone and Symbian and even across languages to cover J2ME devices.

If anyone is at GDC, the session is on Wednesday, March 24 at 5:30 and I'd like to invite everyone to come. I will have specific examples and even a bunch of code samples that will show how you can make your live a lot easier and your applications a lot easier to migrate.

Here's a link with some more information -

Also, I have proposed to Qualcomm to hold the same session during their upcoming Developers conference in June. However, at this time they have neither accepted nor dismissed the idea. Since I believe many more of you may be attending the Brew DevCon than GDC, if you would like to see this lecture at the Brew Developers Conference, please contact your Qualcomm representative and tell them so - and maybe also reply to this thread real quick so that I can actually gauge the level of interest. I believe if a lot of people voice their interest in this particular topic with solid code examples etc. there may be a chance that they add the session to the line-up.

Thanks everyone. I hope to see you all in San Jose. If you're there, don't hesitate to stop by and say "Hi"

Sounds very useful, I'll be there. :cool:

Sounds very useful, I'll be there. :cool: