Released: 07 Oct 11

We didn't just make big improvements to the Brew MP platform. We did the same for the SDK—making application development more efficient. How? Simple. By making two fundamental changes to the SDK architecture.

For one, we created a new method of connecting to the device to achieve a new level of automation. Additionally in Developer Mode, you will find a universal USB device driver bundled with the SDK for seamless connection management to all Brew MP phones.

We've also added multiplatform capabilities so the SDK to support multiple platform versions for targeted development and simulation. Tools are decoupled from the platform code to allow for one installed SDK that can handle multiple versions of Brew and Brew MP.

The SDK is now comprised of these major components:


Build efficiently. The Brew SDK provides users with tools that aid and optimize application development. The tools are organized into the following categories:

  • Setup: Includes the SDK Manager, which is the starting point for accessing tools and documentation, installing IDE plugins and sample code, and managing installed Toolsets and Platforms.
  • Developer: Includes IDE plugins for Visual Studio, Eclipse and Flash to expedite code development.
  • Target: Includes tools that allow you to load and run your applications either on a simulation target or physical device.
  • Test: Includes tools to help you run stress and stability tests on your application. It also includes tools for executing Brew MP Validation Kit (BVK) tests on devices and for viewing and annotating results from these tests.
Platform Kits

The Brew SDK gives you everything you need in one place. All Platform Kits contain both build and runtime components for the specified version of Brew MP. As new platform versions are released, you can download and install them. You can then develop to any of the platforms you have installed.

Note: The Brew MP SDK download includes a default version and doesn't require an additional download or install as long as it is the Brew MP platform version that you want.

Brew MP Validation Kit

The BVK provides a set of automated tests to validate proper behavior of Brew MP APIs on a device. The initial set of these tests cover the Brew MP API Level 1 (BL1) APIs. More tests will be added in subsequent releases of the SDK.

New Toolset Features

We've been hard at work adding new features designed to make the development process as powerful and user-friendly as the platform itself.

Eclipse Plugin

Brew MP now supports the Eclipse IDE (plugin installed via SDK Manager) and provides code wizards and direct access to tools and Click2Run/Click2Debug directly in the IDE.

Multiplatform Capability

The tools in the SDK are independent of the Platform Kit. That way, users can compile against one version then run the compiled application on any runtime version of Brew MP using the most current toolset. This multi-platform model means simulations more closely match the workflow and environment for a physical device, saving you development time—and possibly more than a few headaches.

SDK Manager

Locally manages the install and activation of Brew MP platforms, toolsets, Plugins, and Sample Code on the local environment.

Simulator 6

A ground-up rebuild of the simulator with interactive Flash-based skins, and extensible simulated builds. Provides targeted simulation by utilizing the specific release of BREW that resides on the handset. Additionally, OEMs can create custom platform builds for simulation to provide custom UI, native applications, and extensions that reside on the device to developers.

Target Manager

Centrally manage all Brew MP "targets" or simulated and physical devices with a single utility. Browse and manage Device Profiles (formally DPKs), install multiple instances of simulated targets, and manage physical devices with this easy to use tool.


Integrated into the IDE Plugins, Click2Run/Click2Debug provides a quick way to select target and compile, install and run, or debug.

Developer Mode

A new connection type between the PC and device provides a common USB driver across all Brew MP devices – eliminating the need to hunt down the correct USB driver. Additionally, working at the OS Services layer, Developer Mode powers new toolset capabilities such as Click2Run/Click2Debug and Developer Enablement Services, Interrogator, and Heap Analyzer.

Development Enablement Service

Unlock Brew MP devices for on-target debugging through your account. Permissions, number of devices, and duration of enablement varies depending on account type.


Scan a device and identify supported classes and interfaces on targets, also scan and compare different versions of the Brew MP platform releases.

Heap Analyzer

Get a picture of overall Brew heap usage, view heap usage by module and track heap usage over time.

Test Manager

Load and run BVK tests on a target with this command-line tool.

Report Generator

Generate reports based on test results and input files with this command-line tool.

Results Manager

Display and manage BVK and Platform Validation Suite (PVS) test results.