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I have a question about inter-applet communication.

I have a multi-mod package with my application (say AppX) and an extension (Say ExtX).

The extension (ExtX) is not used by AppX instead it used by other applications to access the functionality provided by AppX.

There is an api in the extension ExtX say IsMoreRecords(). When third party app makes a call ExtX_IsMoreRecords(), the extension needs to check with AppX to see if there are more records and return true or false.
Also this needs to be done synchronously.

The way I am envisioning this to work is that in ExtX_IsMoreRecords(), the extension sends an event to the application using ISHELL_SendEvent(). The application figures out whether the result is true or false.

Now my question is how can I return the result from the application to the extension? Is callback the only way?