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Since a lot of bad things have been said about the Brew 3.0 simulator, I think it is also important to point out good things when you stumble across them... which I just did... so I thought I'd share it.

I had a weird case where key presses were behaving differently in my application in the 2.0 emulator and the actual vx6000 handset. The two were behaving completely different for some reason. In the emulator the app would register a key as continuously pressed and on the actual handset it seemingly wouldn't causing my player character to stand back up even though I kept pressing the down key, instructing it to duck.

For the fun of it I thought I'd try the 3.0 emulator to see how it behaved and lo and behold... it behaved exactly the way the vx6000 handset did. Very sweet. At least now I have a chance to properly debug my code to see what is causing this misbehavior, while with the 2.0 emulator I was clearly out of luck.

One thing though, this huge window the emulator is running in is a REALLY bad idea because it completely covers my debug output window. In one of the next revisions it should really be possible to persistently remove this weird properties pane on the side.