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It appears that the Samsung SCHA530 has a similar problem
to the T720. The T720 will sometimes send AVK_CLR when the
down and left keys are pressed at the same time. Yes, I
know there is a new build but I bought my phone at
Verizon and so will my end user. Unless 'get it now' patches
the phone's OS, the problem is going to be there.

Well, the A530 sends an AVK_2 key when you press down and
left.....sometimes.....or is it down and right....not quite sure...

While this is not as bad as the T720 (for which I had to put in
an AVK_CLR comfirmation screen so my app would not get
seemingly spontaneously exited) is still a pain.

While on the subject, A530's timers get called extremely slowly,
and there appears to be a problem where it significantly lowers
the volume of any qcp files it plays (but it does not seem to support adjusting the volume through the sound player api).