My code is making a HTTP connection after device boot up, I have noticed occassionally that it will fail and the error code returned is AEE_NET_BADDOMAIN.

However the URL that is being passed to IWEB_GetResponse() is valid. I am printing the URL to a log file and from inspection can confirm it is valid.  If  AEE_NET_BADDOMAIN is returned, I reprint it to the log file again in case there is a memory scribble problem with my code, but it is still valid, and also from code inspection I can confirm there is no problem with the code.


What is more, if I retry the connection 5 seconds later, using the exact same URL then it will succeed.


My conclusion therefore is that there is either a bug in the OS or it is a side-effect/"feature" of the fact that the HTTP connection is being attempted immediatly after device boot up. i.e. the Brew OS, or network itself it not quite yet ready to make connections (the phone/modem hasn't fully connected to the base station or something similar) and therefore this error code is being returned as a consequence.


Would anybody care to comment on this?

After device boot-up it takes some time to start network services and hence N/W connection may not work immediately.


Is there a way of distinguishing between if the connection has failed because things are not yet ready, or because of a genuine error?


For example if I get an AEE_NET_BADDOMAIN error code, how do I know this was not actually caused by the  url supplied and was just because the system isn't yet ready?


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