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Hi there, I have some questions that worry me.

LG 380 have an PID 1193, Im concatenating AEE_SHARED_DIR with "/image/" obtaining "Shared/image/" for target directory (what I know say that is the correct dir for this phone), if my background is named some.bmp and I only do a IFILEMGR_Rename(fMgr, "some.bmp", "Shared/image/some.bmp"); will be enought?

Also the definition of AEE_SHARED_DIR is constant an includes the first character as capital letter "Shared", but app loader display the name of shared dir as "brew/shared" without capital letter, this is a trouble? or is OK with or without the capital letter?.

Also I clicked in the MIF the allow write access to shared dir.


th etarget was in the wrong dir.

th etarget was in the wrong dir.