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I don't know what I changed in my application exactly, something that I thought was fairly inconsequential, but now I started getting weird behavior on the phone hardware. The application works fine in the emulator, and always works, but on my phone (an LG VX4400), the application only sometimes starts. From what I can tell, I am not even getting the AEEClsCreateInstance function getting called. When I try and run the app, it just goes to the wait icon for a second, and then unhighlights my app and moves the cursor to get it now. It does this fairly consistently, but SOMETIMES, my app will start. It will only right after the power on the phone is turned on, and then it will work 1-5 times in a row, after which it returns to the previous behavior. I have gotten the same application to not work for a while, then start working, by just resetting the phone several times. Anyone else seen this or have any idea what could be causing this? The strange thing is that this behavior started in the middle of a development session, so the phone hasn't been dropped or jostled, and nothing has changed on the development machine either.