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The BREW SDK 3.1.2 is now available on the public BREW website
The BREW 3.1 SDK is no longer under limited distribution. It's now available on the public BREW website.

Product Summary
BREW SDK 3.1 is the PC-based development and test environment for creating applications to run on BREW 3.1 handsets. The BREW SDK 3.1 contains detailed API information, header files and the BREW Simulator.

Who may want to use this?
Anyone developing BREW 3.1 apps or anyone curious about BREW Client 3.1 capabilities.

Who has access to it?
The BREW SDK 3.1.2 is available on the BREW website to the public.

Where is it posted?
The SDK is available for download at the following url:

Where can I find more details?
The SDK release notes provide overview information and as well as describe what's new in the latest version. Release notes are available at: