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Since it costs more money to put out a new build through NSTL every time you port a device, we have found it beneficial to have a single build which encompasses most phones. This allows us to add phones to an already passed NSTL build which is cheaper.

There is one issue with this process, which is the fact that we brand our application differently depending on which carrier it is being submitted for. This causes us to have to manage multiple BRX/MFX files which all must contain the same fields. This creates an issue because every time we add a new string to the application via the BRX, we have to update all of the BRX files for each carrier. It would be nice if the BRX file supported conditionals similar to C #ifdefs. This way, we could pass the macro name to brewrc, and it enable/disable different strings for a single constant.

I have come up with a hack to do this, but it would be nice to have this built into the brewrc tool or the brew xml files.

For example, I would like something like:

Choose this one!
Not this one!

so, if I were to run brewrc:

brewrc.exe myfile.brx /DMACRO1

would result in IDC_TEST containing "Choose this one!"

This would really help out those applications which try to minimize costs.