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Yes, firewall settings may affect the way some Brew MP tools operate and may cause issues with Brew MP tools that may be difficult to troubleshoot. For optimum use of your Brew MP tools, please make sure the following files are setup to allow all inbound UDP traffic to localhost within the firewall application. Enabling inbound traffic to localhost allows a given process on a specific machine the ability to receive packets from the same machine or local network.

" BTILServer.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\deprecated\BTIL\Host\bin

" BTILLogServer.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\deprecated\BTIL\Host\bin

" ConnectCore.dll located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin

" Loader.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin

" Logger.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin

" SimTargetExecutor.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin

" TestStudio.exe located in %BREWMP_TOOLSET%bin\TestStudio\bin (For Test Studio users only)

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Keywords: BTIL, USB, diag, connection, device, Simulator, Test Studio.