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When creating a case (for the problem with not being able to access the device packs) I get this message


Error: Invalid Data. Review all error
messages below to correct your data.Apex trigger CaseEscalationProcess
caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator:
CaseEscalationProcess: execution of BeforeInsert caused by:
System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object:
Trigger.CaseEscalationProcess: line 29, column 5

It is a new case, my subject is: can not access device packs
Description: when I try to access the device packs it says I am not authenticated. my user name is
Category: Application Development
Subcategory: Device Pack / Device Database
Operator/Retailer: Verizon

the rest should be optional and is left blank.
I have tried this in firefox and IE (I didn't think it was a browser error, but figure I would try it just in case). 
I really need to get my app on several phones and I'm hoping the device packs will help (since the drivers are impossible to find).