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Community and Posting Guidelines


  • Brew MP Developer Forums are for the Brew MP Developer community's peer-to-peer discussions.

  • Forums are not the correct place to report software bugs or post suggestions on products, tools and services. To suggest changes, report software bugs, or submit feedback about Qualcomm products, tools and services, please utilize the Contact Us areas of the Brew MP Developer site .

  • We do not recommend hard-linking to locked posts. Brew MP Developor Forum's locked posts are not guaranteed and may be deleted or modified at the Forum moderator's discretion.

  • Point Gaming and Self Promotion is not allowed. Users are not allowed to create false or multiple identities with malicious intent, i.e. posting incorrectly or claiming false credentials. Likewise, if we find a single user has created multiple accounts to self-promote or advance their reputation within the community, we have right to remove said account(s) from the forums.

  • Qualcomm may make changes to the site content, the license terms for text or sample code, or these guidelines at any time.

  • Qualcomm reserves the right to move (to a more appropriate forum) or remove any posts that it deems inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive, or prohibited under these guidelines. Qualcomm also reserves the right to eject or permanently ban a user who behaves in any manner it deems inappropriate, offensive, or prohibited under these guidelines.

  • This web site may include contributions from various sources over which Qualcomm has no control (including any content submitted by third party users and links to third party sites) and, therefore, Qualcomm is not responsible for such contributions and such contributions do not necessarily represent the opinions or positions of Qualcomm.

Before Posting:

  • Search the Forums.

  • Read our FAQ's.
  •  Search the Resources.


  • Be Transparent and Honest. Do not falsely impersonate others. Use your name. If you have a connection with Qualcomm (e.g. employee, vendor, customer, etc.), please disclose it.

  • Do 'Bump' post. If you have not received a response to your question, wait 48 hours, then please post a blank or 'bump' message to move it to the top of the listings. This lessens clutter for people who browse the forums in threaded mode.

  • Stay on topic. Please post only messages that are relevant to the subject of the Forum. Spam posts will be deleted.

  • Respect intellectual property. If you cite content created by others, acknowledge it. If you use any third party copyrighted materials, please remember to obtain consent from that third party or, if it legally qualifies as Fair Use, give proper credit.

  • Indicate if you have asked your question elsewhere.

  • Use a descriptive title for your posts.

  • Be Specific. Include exact steps to recreate what you are experiencing preferable per below. This will help others determine a solution for your issue:

    • Issue description

    • Summary

    • Steps to reproduce:

    • What went wrong?

    • What should have happened?

    • Product, version

    • Device information (model, manufacturer)

      • Extensions installed, Network information, Carrier, Data Plan / Subscription Plan (as applicable), OS Version: plus related installed software

    • Or Simulator/Tool information: 
      Hardware, OS Version, Graphic's card, plus related installed software

  • Respect intellectual content and digital rights management. Promotion of illegal activity is strictly banned and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  • Be a good citizen. Please refrain from posting both inappropriate language and content on Brew MP's Forums.

  • Respect others.

  • Be kind to 'newbies,' help develop their talent.

  • Share your knowledge and grow your community.

  • Comply with the Legal Terms of Use.

  • If you are a Qualcomm employee, temporary employee or consultant, you must also comply with Qualcomm's Social Media Policy.


  • Do not post the same question in multiple places.

  • Do not hijack another thread or post unrelated questions on an existing thread.

  • Do not post information that is confidential, proprietary or covered under NDA.

  • Do not infringe copyrighted or open source material without providing appropriate credit / license.

  • Advertising or solicitation is not permitted on Brew MP Developer forums. This behavior is grounds for removal from the forums. Announcements are acceptable. Please add 'ANN' (for 'announcement') to the beginning of your subject line.

  • Do not post inappropriate content, use obscene or offensive language.

  • Do not include large files and downsize graphics or files in your forum posts. Please post only what is absolutely necessary in describing the issue at hand.

  • Do not post serial numbers, ESNs, IMEIs, serial numbers, etc.

  • Do not post export-controlled materials.

  • Do not post content that violates Brew MP Developer Community Posting Guidelines.