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We are trying to integrate camera functionality into our application. Naturally, it is a vital feature to be able to view the pictures after you have taken them. On the v325, the camera seems to support 120x160, 240x320, and 480x640 sizes. At 120x160, the image can be loaded fine and displayed to the user. Once you try a 240x320, though, the phone seems to run out of memory during the image load process. The images are stored in files on the phone and we've tried ISHELL_LoadImage, IIMAGE_SetStream, etc. Has anyone seen this problem and/or does anyone have any suggestions to get around it? It seems odd to me that this operation would run out of memory, considering we've been doing it in J2ME with much less capable devices for ages....and that's with a JVM resident in memory at the same time.

Any help is greatly appreciated!