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I've seen a few situations before where a device's (several different makes and models) TAPI state will get seem to get "stuck" in some state other than PS_IDLE. ITAPI_GetStatus reports that the device is PS_CONVERSATION. I have not been to figure out an exact exchange of events that can reliably reproduce this state, but it may be related to transmit and recieve of a lot of SMS message (my app does not make voice calls). The weird thing is, when the device gets in this state, you can no longer send SMS's via ITAPI_SendSMS (because the Tapi is not idle). Even if you exit the app and restart it (so that you release the itapi and create it anew) the GetStatus still returns that it is not PS_IDLE. However, if you make a voice call from the OEM menu, or if you reboot the phone, you can get it back into a proper state so that you can start sending SMS's again. Anyone have any ideas or tips as to what might be going on and what to do about it?

Thanks in advance.

bump. anyone ever come across this? :confused:

bump. anyone ever come across this? :confused: