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No, BTIL no longer needs to be installed using BCI.exe. It is now pre-installed on Brew MP devices.

If you experience BTIL issues, check the following:

1. Check to make sure that the correct sig is valid

Using Loader, try to connect to the device. If you receive either of the following messages, you have a signature problem.

Error message 1: "Connection failed: BTIL Server unable to find sig file"
Error message 2: "Connection failed: sig file verification failed"

To correct these errors, you must provide BTIL a signature. Loader will prompt to browse for a signature file. Using the file browser, select the signature file for your device. You must have a current and valid signature for that device. (See FAQ "How do I get a signature file?".)

If you think you have selected the correct signature, and are getting the first message, make sure the file privileges are set correctly.

If you're getting the second message, the phone thinks the signature is in some way invalid. Generally, this is due to one of two reasons:

    1. The signature is actually for a different device.
    2. The phone thinks the signature is expired. This can be for one of two reasons as well:
          o The signature has truly expired. Most developer signatures are valid for only a few months.
          o The phone's internal date and time are wrong. This is especially problematic on UMTS devices, as the time is not usually supplied by the network.

2. Check to make sure the following folders and files are not on device
Folders: btilsec, btilcs, and cnxnfix
Files: btilmain.mif, btilsec.mif, btilcs.mif, cnxnfix.mif
There may be a "btilmain" folder on the device, but ensure it does not have a "btilmain.mod" file inside it.

Loader should prompt you to browse to the correct signature and use it. We strongly suggest you provide the signature through the Loader GUI instead of placing it in the repository yourself.

Note: CnxnFix should never be used for BrewMP devices

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