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I was wondering how long is too long, for a user, to download and save a file to the phone? For example, a binary file going down to the headset through Verizion network, of 150KB could take around 30s to download (depends on the cellular coverage, etc...). Speed is usually around 50-60kbps, as far as I noticed, mabye it's faster somewhere else.
Sometimes it takes 5s or more for initial connection to the web server. If user is not "well covered" it could take around a minute for downloading 150KB. How much users are actually willing to wait for download? Smaller chunks take shorter time, but again, there is a cost of establishing initial connection, sometimes logging in (and getting the cookie).
I 'm looking for some advice on how much time "acceptable" downloads take, or how long are "usual" downloads? What to do while downloading? Showing % of downloaded binary file?

Thanks you.