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The Quick Pay program is where Qualcomm offers net 30 day terms for U.S.-operator-related developer payments in exchange for additional revenue share. Here are some more details:

  • Quick Pay applies only to U.S. operator payment activity
  • Quick Pay must be applied to all parts/applications and all U.S. operators
  • Qualcomm will pay a developer net 30 days after the close of each calendar month
  • In exchange for accelerating payment terms to a net 30 basis, developer revenue share is reduced by 1.6%of the total DAP (i.e. 100%)
  • Developers will continue to assume all bad debt and adjustments on Quick Pay qualifying activity
  • Developers will be required to sign a contract amendment authorizing Quick Pay payment from Qualcomm
  • Minimum developer participation period is three (3) months
  • Developer eligibility requires an average monthly invoice of $7,500.00 for the prior three months
  • Transaction adjustments must be less than 2% for the prior three months
  • Developer will receive a hardcopy of a manual payment detail report attached with each Quick Pay check since the Payment Detail Query report on the Developer Extranet will no longer be accurate for U.S. operators
  • Billing or statement related questions should be directed to
  • Every attempt will be made for Quick Pay qualifying activity to commence at the start of the month which follows the receipt of the signed Quick Pay Amendment