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hi !

i wana confirm , does for every image on a web page , a seperate http request goes to the server . if thts the case , hoe can i find the request comin from server ,i.e at which point i need to debug so i can track doen the image data comin from the server side ......???

m tryin to develop a web browser tht can provide information related to a particular location , in the form of web pages nd on certain specific conditions , can shoe the sites / pages in the way thy r shoen on internet xplorer . where text is concrned , m able to shoe it in the perfect way but images r a cause as the one with the bigeer siz r not been supported by the IWEB .

i need to knoe the size of the images in a page and hav to provide logic for formatting thm accordingly , if out of support from IWEB .for tht need to track all the responses comin for evry image from the server . hoe can i do this ??

wht can b the remedy ???