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as we know, Interface derived from INotifier can be used to notity some event/status,etc to app.

app call ishell_registernotify, passed the mask, notifier clsid, notify_app clsid.

and app should never directly call _setmask api.

as i understand, when app call ishell_registernotify, then brew shell will creat the notifier instance and call _setmask. and inside brew, it will manage a list,which app are interest in which notifier, and which mask. then in future, when ishell_notify be called, brew inside can pass this notify to the correct app.

above Right?

as you know, the notity mechanism works only when the notifier instance exist. Then when will brew creat the notifier instance? and when release it? and if one app want to de-registernotify, how to do?
(two case: app register-notify in mif and register-notify in handleevent)

who can help me

thanks a lot