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In cases where firewall settings are too strict all inbound packets, even those issued from localhost may be blocked. This issue may show up with COM/BTIL as well as USB connections over gateway mode. This behavior will not be exhibited over COM/DIAG. The workaround is outlined below:

Within your firewall app (Example: Sophos Endpoint), add the following apps to the exclusion list for network access/permissions. Certain IT security configurations are too strict and affect UDP based IPC communication for BrewMP tools

a. BTILServer.exe (LOCATION: %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\deprecated\BTIL\Host\bin)

b. BTILLogServer.exe (LOCATION: %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin\deprecated\BTIL\Host\bin)

c. Loader.exe (LOCATION: %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin)

d. Logger.exe (LOCATION: %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin)

Keywords: BTIL, USB, diag, connection, device