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i want to display date in format MM/YYYY i.e. 02/1950
which should handle focus event automatically. So took an instance of "AEECLSID_JULIANDATEWIDGET".
But the output display is 02/1950/ i.e. extra unwanted '/' at the end
and when i shift focus from 02 to 1950 i.e. from month to Year field,
year field gets reset to day field, which is not correct behaviour so after shifting focus output display is 02/0028 which is incorrect...

can anybody help to get me correct output display!!!

JulianType jt;
jt.wDay = 0;
jt.wHour = 24;
jt.wMinute =60;
jt.wSecond =60;
jt.wWeekDay =7;
jt.wMonth = 2;
jt.wYear = 1950;

AECHAR pwFormat[] = {'M','Y',0};
IWIDGET_SetFormatString(getWidget(), pwFormat);

IWIDGET_SetJulianDateTime(getWidget(), &jt);