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Hi all,

I want to create an input box using htmlviewer. I dont know where i am doing mistake. Please correct my piece of code.

I cant able to see the data which i entered in the input box.

Here is the code.

To create HTML page i am using this code.

char* szHtmlData = NULL;
int nLen = 0;
int nTitleFontHeight, nSKFontHeight;
AEERect rc;
if(bFirstTime == TRUE)
if(SUCCESS == ISHELL_CreateInstance ( pMe->a.m_pIShell, AEECLSID_HTML, (void**)&pMe->pIHTMLViewer))
nTitleFontHeight = IDISPLAY_GetFontMetrics(pMe->a.m_pIDisplay, TITLE_FONT, NULL, NULL);
nSKFontHeight = IDISPLAY_GetFontMetrics(pMe->a.m_pIDisplay, SOFTKEY_FONT, NULL, NULL);
SETAEERECT(&rc, 0, nTitleFontHeight + 5, pMe->DeviceInfo.cxScreen,
pMe->DeviceInfo.cyScreen - nSKFontHeight - (nTitleFontHeight + 5));
IHTMLVIEWER_SetRect (pMe->pIHTMLViewer, &rc );
nLen = SNPRINTF(NULL,0,"Enter Search String:
szHtmlData = MALLOC(nLen);
SNPRINTF(szHtmlData,nLen,"Enter Search String:
IHTMLVIEWER_SetData ( pMe->pIHTMLViewer, szHtmlData, -1 );

Later when i select the input box. I can able to enter the text. But where can i catch the complete input after hitting done button.

Please provide some idea. Or if there is any sample plz share it.