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I'm taking every bitmap loaded by my resource manager and converting it to the same bitdepth as the device bitmap. So if i load a 32 bit bitmap on a 16 bit device screen I'm converting the 32 bit bitmap to a 16 bit bitmap. These are the steps that I'm taking:

* Load 32 bit bitmap
* Create IDIB via IDISPLAY_CreateDIBitmap of the same height and width as the 32 bit bitmap, but with an 8 bit pixel depth
* Loop through the 32 bit bitmap converting each pixel to an 8 bit pixel and put it inside of the IDIB
* Convert IDIB to IBitmap with IDIB_TO_BITMAP

The problem that I'm having is that you can't use IBITMAP_BltIn to draw the new bitmap to another bitmap. Any ideas?

I'm doing this for performance reasons. Eventually I want to replace BltIn with my own Bliting algorithim... but for now i'd like to see it work wit BltIn.