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I am pre-NSTL submission, but want to check before submitting (and getting booted for this mistake):

When I receive an EVT_APP_SUSPEND, my application shuts down network connections, stops various timers, etc. However, for some code paths, due to the "network shutdown", the app calls IDISPLAY_Update(), even though we are mid SUSPEND.

A read of the IDISPLAY_Update() documentation seems to indicate that despite this offending my programming sensibilities, it should be perfectly fine. That, in fact, the update is queued and only done upon resume of my app *or* done post suspend, but in any event, done by the BREW controller when it feels it's the correct time.

Quote:This function is called to indicate that drawing operations that have been performed on the device bitmap and that changes should be propagated to the display hardware. Methods of IDisplay, IGraphics, and IBitmap draw into the device bitmap, which is not directly coupled to the display hardware. Results will become visible to the user only when the physical display is updated. This function queues the actual update operation, so it can be called repeatedly with no adverse impact on performance. The actual display update will occur asynchronously after the application yields program control to BREW. Emphasis added.

Is this OK?