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Hello All,

I am using ICamera Interface with uiOne. I wanna capture images as well as videos from a trig. First, I have created the instance of ICameraFrameModel using:

ISHELL_CreateInstance( getIShell( ),
(void **) &m_CamFrameModel ) ;

then registered the CameraNotifyCallback using
then set the CameraFrameModel object in the feed node.
after that ICAMERAFRAMEMODEL_SetICamera and in the end, the instance of ICAMERA using IShell_CreateInstance created successfully.

I am able to start the Camera in preview mode successfully. All the events are getting in CameraCallback. When I try to capture the image, it is being captured but when I see in AppLoader its size is shown as 0 bytes (captured image is stored in .jpg which is supported format on device). I am moving across the buttons in my trig, device gets freezed.

So I am trying to find the exact reason for freezing the device. Whether is it due to Camera or trig. I am using LGVX8500.

Can anyone tell me any step I am missing while handling Camera? or whats going internally when camera is in snapshot or movie mode?

please help me to solve this problem. waiting for the quick and positive reply.

Thanx in advance.