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The documentation for the event EVT_COMMAND when this event is received for menu controls has always claimed that the dwParam of this event will contain the item data (uint32) for that menu item. However, up to BREW release 2.1.3, there was a bug due to which the IMenuCtl pointer was sent in dwParam instead of the actual item data. Starting with BREW 2.1.3, this issue has been fixed and the item data is sent in dwparam of EVT_COMMAND. So, if there are applications that are depending on the IMenuCtl pointer to be sent as part of dwParam, they will break when run on BREW Versions 2.1.3 or higher.

To determine which version of BREW is on your handset, consult the DDS. Alternatively, you can find out the version of BREW on your 2.0+ handset by navigating to Settings -> Manage Apps -> System Info from within BREW App Manager. To find the BREW version on a 1.x phone, the correct sequence from BREW App Manager is Mobile Shop -> Options -> View Log.