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Here is some observations in 3.1.5 BREW simulator (using devicePack3).

I was sending an SMS from the SMS simulation to my application. The text is just "abcde", using "unicode" encoding from the picklist.

When the code received the SMS, the encoding was determined to be AEE_ENC_UNICODE. I thus used ISMSMSG_GetOpt(pISMSMsg, MSGOPT_PAYLOAD_WSZ, &option) to acquire the unicoded payload.

The memory of option.pVal turned out to be the following:
031094B8 62 61 64 63 00 65 00 00 EC BE EC 55 badc.e..ì¾ìU

First, this is not double byte string. Does AEE_ENC_UNICODE really mean UTF-8.

Second, the byte order is not exactly what I expected. If it's UTF-8, memory should not be re-arranged like that, right?

Anybody know what exactly is going on here? Simulator problem? Device pack problem? Documentation problem? Or is this just something I missed out in code?