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I'm having a problem deleting files on exit app. Sounds kind of crazy... but it works fine in the emulator, and on VX6000.

Downloading some images into temp file, which are used later in the application. After images are downloaded, temporary file is released (and returned reference count on that temporary file - IFILE_Release() is zero).

When exiting application (OnFreeAppData), I'm re-creating file manager and deleting temporary file(s). That works fine on emulator and VX6000. However, on BREW 1.1 sometimes, some files return error 263 (that file is busy). Right there, I can go and open the file in _OFM_READWRITE, and truncate it to zero size - that's successful. Release file pointer (ref count returned is zero), but still file cannot get deleted (except I can now see that size is 0).

I have released IIMAGEs and 2.0 emulator doesn't report any memory leaks, so I think those things are fine... But I have no idea what to do.
It's a problem for me for TBT submission.

Any suggestions for workarounds? Thanks a bunch for any help.