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Known Issue: CT reports Expired DES as "ENABLED"




Description: CT (and possibly underlying APIs) are not correctly reporting expires DES (create with a login and not a sig) as disabled.  Enable a device, then when it gets expired, CT will report something like this:


Target is ENABLED for development.        Target's Current Time: Mon Jun 13 04:55:29 2011



Internet service-based (DES) enablement:This form of enablement uses "ct desenable"        Status: ENABLED        Start Time (UTC): Tue May 24 00:00:00 2011        Expire Time (UTC): Tue May 31 20:22:34 2011Signature-based (GTES) enablement:This form of enablement uses "ct sigenable"        Status: not enabled




Affects: Some tools will stop working when the device becomes disabled and there is no intuitive warning notifying the user.  



 Workaround: Re-enable the device.