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There are a number of issues you may face while attempting to connect to devices using AppLoader 3.1.

These may include the following:

1) Connection fails out. The next time the connection dialog comes up, there are characters listed after the COM port name. For example, "COM9" becomes soething like "COM9W".
2) File reads or writes fail out with an error message about EFS2.
3) General connection issues with devices that worked under AppLoader 3.0.

These issues have been addressed in BTIL 1.0.2 ( and the mandatory patches posted at You will need to install all available updates. This corrects issue 1 and adds a dropdown menu to the initial connection dialog overriding the EFS commands used to communicate with the device. AppLoader 3.1 defaults to "autodetect", which may expose problems with devices that report as EFS2 devices but don't properly handle the EFS2 commands. Previous versions of AppLoader always used EFS1 commands when communicating with the device. Changing this dropdown selection to "EFS1" should address most issues similar to 2 and 3 above.

what's the username and password? I can't download it...

what's the username and password? I can't download it...