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I build my project in brew sdk 2.1
Now I want to create .mod file for Hauei C5300

I install gnude-arm-win.exe at c:\gnude\ but it does not contain BREWelf2mod.exe,
that could be the resoan i am getting error for
nmake -f appname.mak
'nmake' is not recognized internal or external command.
GCCHOME is set to c:\gnude
GCCLIBPATH is set to c:\gnude\lib\gcc-lib\arm-elf\3.3.1
Path C:\gnude\bin;

From VS 6 I am able to create gnu make file.

Then I install ARM compiler ARMRVP 4.1 , VS 6 does not detect ARM ADS path.
I am serching for ARM ADS installer but i am not getting it , it gives me ARM RVP 4.1

I have old copy of ARM ADS 2.0 which creates ARM make file , but for creating mod file I am getting same error that nmake not recognized internal or external command.
I tryied
nmake /f appname.mak
namke -f appname.mak all
getting same error.

Which make file is required for phone gnu or ARM ?