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hi !

tryin to develop a Web Browser tht can help access/surf web sites on the brew handset . i m able to retirev the page for any site initially , but as i tried to select any link on that page , problem arises as the URL generated with the selected link is not correct ....nd i end up recieving errors like 'page not found' ,'wrong URL' .....

Hoe do i get the URL , whn i select any link ?

further , whn i hardcode any URL(i.e"") , i m able to retirev the http server data and display it properly , but whn i passes tht URL to a variable and pass tht var to the
IWEB_GetResponse api , it dosen't wrks ......

A major prob remains with the images on the web pages .....m not able to display the images with size beyond the screen dimension .... though the smaller images r comin out perfectly .

would also like to knoe in which case this error comes up while we sends any http request :

" the parameter is wrong "

this isn't seems to b a standard web error as i haven't encounterd it b4 .

any sort of help/suggetions would b most welcome .

thnks !