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Hi. I've been having some bizarre behavior with the Nokia 6235i in AEE_TM_RAPID mode and wanted to see if anyone else was getting this and/or knew of a work-around.

So far, I have seen the bug when in AEE_TM_RAPID mode when using ITEXTCTL. Spuriously, it seems that the text sting in the ITEXTCTL buffer screws up its NULL terminator so that when you eventually get the contents of the buffer via ITEXTCTL_GetText or GetTextPtr there is garbage at the end of the string. This is very easy to reproduce by entering a bunch of AVK_5 events (which makes a long string of “j”’s), then backspace over the string with AVK_CLR. If you’re doing a STRLEN on the ptr from the GetTextPtr (or otherwise trying to print its contents) you’ll see NULL terminator moving around at the end of the string abnormally even though what’s being displayed in the ITEXTCTL_Redraw looks ok.

Weird. I'm guessing that it is Nokia's issue, not something that I'm doing with ITEXTCTL. I do not have any other Nokia devices to test this on, and it certainly does not seem to happen on any LGs that I have.