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I want to create a thumbnail window using gridlistcontainer. I am using I Galley interface to extract all the file names present in my directory.But I dont want to create all the required thumbnails at ones, so I am using API IListContainerModelFactory_CreateCallbackBased and providing callback functions to actually create the widgets one by one required for each thumbnail. So I am just storing the name of the files in the album in Ivector model at the start and then using that in callback functions creating the widgets.

But at the end I am not able to see the thumbnail images on screens.
But when I create all the widgets at the breginneing and insert them into ivectormodel and attach that to gridlistcontainer it works fine .but with API IListContainerModelFactory_CreateCallbackBased I am getting listcontainer model in return and setting it for listgridcontainer widget.

I get control into my pfnGetItemData callback function manytimes and then only 1 time inthe fnction pfnGetWidget where I create widget for thumbail window at position 0.but control never comes into any of the callbacks after that.

I am creating a root container first and inserting this listcontainer widget into it.
Can anyone help me in this??