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I think RoadWarrior connects to the server once request is made at MainMenu using GetFreewaySpeeds(), right? Does it return raw data by WebReadCB()? Then, TageContents() and GetRawText() parse throught the raw data to get the desired info, then display as a menu?

If I understand this correctly, I want to know, how do you set the application to connect to the server automatically after starting? at EVT_APP_START, right?

I want to read back a XML file, so I guess I just return a raw data file, right? Since raw data are returned, can I just search through it to get the info without establish a structure first? I want to avoid using XML parsing software.

Then parsing, how do I incorporate 3rd party parsing software to BREW? Have you done that before?

After parsing, I want to display the data in a HTML-like format. So I can use statements like:

char html_buffer[1024] = {0};
char tmp_buffer[128] = {0};


IDISPLAY_ClearScreen( pThis->a.m_pIDisplay );
IHTMLVIEWER_SetProperties(pThis->m_pIHTMLViewer, HVP_SCROLLBAR);
IHTMLVIEWER_SetRect( pThis->m_pIHTMLViewer, &pThis->m_rc );
IHTMLVIEWER_SetActive( pThis->m_pIHTMLViewer, TRUE );
IHTMLVIEWER_SetData( pThis->m_pIHTMLViewer, (char*)html_buffer, -1);
IDISPLAY_Update ( pThis->a.m_pIDisplay );

Is that right?

Thank you in advance.