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The documentation for pim_IContactsFactory says: 
 Prototype:   AEEResult pim_IContactsFactory_CreateInstance(pim_IContactsFactory* _pif,                                                  const unsigned char* smartcardAID,                                                 int smartcardAIDLen,                                                 int smartcardSlot,                                                 pim_PhoneBookType phonebook,                                                 pim_IContacts** icontactsObj)
Parameters:   _pif :  [in]      The pim_IContactsFactory interface.
   smartcardAID :  [in]       The smartcard application identifier to bind to the object to be created.      This is of type smartcard_AIDType.AID as in smartcard_IApplication.h      and contains the AID as defined in ETSI TS 101 220.
   smartcardAIDLen :  [in]      The length in bytes of smartCardAID.
   smartcardSlot : [in]      The slot number of the phonebook to bind to.
   phonebook :  [in]      The type of phonebook to bind to the created object.                             icontactsObj : [out]      On success, holds the class instance.       

For phonebook, I am passing pim_PhoneBookType_ADN. 

How do I get valid values to pass for smartcardAID and smartcardSlot?