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Developing Facebook native client with oAuth 2.0 secured authentication of user credentials is a difficult task on BREW MP.

For Facebook native client development on iPhone, Android, Blackberry platforms, facebook provided explict SDK to developers to use the Webview with Webkit. So native apps on those platforms cannot require to launch Browser for User authentication. I mean the native client itself shows the Login window and authenticate securely but the similar is not possible on BREW MP.

Webview in native client is not possible in BMP facebook client so it required explicit launch of Browser but it can't get the required parameters itself once user authenticated on Browser application and comeback to Native app to continue to access user facebook account.

So is there any support or ideas/sugegstions from BREW MP platform development team to Social Networking client development for the secured user authentication using oAuth 2.0

Please make me understand the support from Qualcomm end for the above issue.

For more details of oAuth on Mobile native apps:

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