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Hi All,

I have facing a problem in MotorarzV3M while using 3 text controls.
My intention is to draw three text controls in a screen. (textctl1, textctl2, textctl3).
Initial focus is on textctl1, when I press down key the focus moves to textctl2, and then to textctl3, and vice versa when pressing up key.
It is working on the simulator perfectly.
But it doesnot working properly on the handset.
When the focus moves to the textctl2 from textctl1, the contents of the textctl1 deleted. :confused:

Here I am just setting the active state to false
ITEXTCTL_SetActive(textctl1, FALSE);
ITEXTCTL_SetActive(textctl2, TRUE);
I am not at all using ITEXTCTL_Reset(textctl1);

Did anybody face this problem...?
Please help me figure out this problem...!