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I'm using the basic qcsans font provided in the SDK. The SDK docs for IDISPLAY_GetFontMetrics() stated the "font height = ascent + descent".

However, the truetype font's height does not seem to match that. It is more like "truetype font height = ascent". Yeah, the descent value doesn't seem to count.

For example using qcsans normal, point 18 with no emphasis style, the ascent is 17 and descent is 6. The font height would be 17 + 6 = 23. Indeed IDISPLAY_GetFontMetrics() correctly returns 23. However, looking at both simulator and actual handset application, it is obviously that the font height is really only 17.

I measured the pixel height of the font onscreen when rendering only characters from the ASCII charset. Maybe 23 is the correct font height when all characters within the UCS-2 encoding are taken into account?