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Dear forum members,

I am new to BREW, and have been tasked with writing code that will transfer data (and eventualy files) between a PC and a mobile phone running BREW (in this case a Samsung phone).

After browsing the forums and the web in general, I have found a sample that lets me transfer data between the PC and phone and it kinda works... I have tried adding file handling to my test program using IFile and IFileMgr, and that seems to work OK as well, however, I do have some questions problems I would appreciate people pointing me in the right direction:

1) IPort_Writeable callback. When I look at the QXDM, I see that after I run my program, this callback is constantly called, even if my PC side test program hasn't run yet, any reason why this is happening?

2) IPort_Readable callback. Any reason why this callback won't be called even though my PC code writes data to the USB and doesn't receive any error message?

Your kind help is appreciated.