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For C++ support use platform version >= and toolset version >= 7.8
In the project specific makefile, the following modifications are needed:

include $(DEFINES_MIN)


CPPproject_CPP_SRCS = file1 file2

# uncomment these if the variant selected is armgcc.
#CPPproject_C_SRCS +=
# glibc_stubs \
# mod_malloc

# uncomment these if the variant selected is RVCT/ADS.
#CPPproject_C_SRCS +=
# mod_malloc

CPPproject_INCDIRS= \
$(SYSTEM_DIR)/inc \
$(MEDIA_DIR)/inc \
$(UI_DIR)/inc \

# uncomment these if CPPproject is referring to glibc_stubs.c or mod_malloc.c.
#VPATH += $(BREWMP_PLATFORM_DIR)/system/src/

include $(RULES_MIN)

Known issues:
You may receive warnings while building glibc_stubs for CodeSourcery compilation.
The workaround is to open the glibc_stubs.c file in /platform /system/src and add the following lines of code.

struct stat *st;
struct tms *buf;