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We have a couple of pages in our cells. Here are examples on how those cells instruct the nmActor to fetch the data from a server.

1. /actor/nmActor/page/halfscreen+collection
2. /actor/nmActor/page/fullscreen+collection
3. /actor/nmActor/page/news+collections

nmActor is a cache container.
page is a cache container.
xyz+collection is also a cache container.

Anything after /actor/nmActor/page is what changes between the pages or page refresh.

In the IWEB call back upon a successful data retrieval and parsing,


The above code (/actor/nmactor/page) causes celltop to do one too many Release and the entire actor is free'd. It is reproducible exactly each and everytime. If we don't call notify, it works until the data needs to be refreshed from the server, so we do need to find a way to instruct the cell that page has been refreshed, but we can't use notify...

We tried the same statement in various places such as inside "HandleEvent" with the same results.
We also see BPOINT type 3.

Here is the kicker. Our code works great on AX565, AX380 (passed TBT) but crashes on VE20, R500 and a number of other handset with the above issue It looks like something changed in celltop 1.2, 1.3 and UIOne (1.2 and onward).

On AX565 and AX380, all ref count are a-ok, no leak memory, no memory corruption, no's clean.

All insights would be greatly appreciated.