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From what source gets time BrewMP logger from SDK Manager / Tools / Logger.


I have the problem, that after some manipulations like:

resetting RTC (real time clock), setting time to different values, sometimes I have difference between values, read from GETUTCSECONDS and values of time, stamped at logger (sometimes logger time corresponded to time I set up, sometimes GETUTCSECONDS corresponded to time I set up).

For example, after resetting RTC, GETUTCSECONDS returns quite a big (if treated as unsigned or negative if treateted as signed) value, which corresponds to -4,5 years from 1980 (i.e. about 1975-th year). 

Does BREW MP support setting time less than 06-th of January, 1980?

Could you please explain, how the time at logger is formed? What logic is applied when time passes from RTC to GETUTCSECONDS. Does RTC store GMT or it stores local time?