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Become an Authenticated Brew Developer
Authentication is the first step to commercializing applications for most Brew commercial opportunities. Follow these steps to become an Authenticated Brew® Developer and your Brew MP account will receive added access privileges granting access to advanced developer tools, devices, documentation and resources, access to the Distribution Extranet and Support Portal as well as digital signatures for app distribution. Note: some distribution channels do not require being authenticated, so please review the details in the opportunities database.

Authentication Process
To become authenticated as a Brew Developer, you will need to complete these three basic steps:

Step 1: Apply for the Symantec Authentic Document ID

A: To complete your online Symantec application, go to the Symantec's Authentic Document website for Brew IDs. Once complete, you'll be sent a confirmation email that contains your order number. Next, you can obtain an unlimited Authentic Document ID; valid for 3 years from the date of receipt. The Authentic Document ID protects your Brew application by digitally signing your code using the Brew AppSigner tool. It also provides a seamless interface to Symantec's Authentic Document Service.

B: Symantec will run your application through its verification process (allow five business days). Upon approval, you will receive a verification email.

C: Next, the technical contact identified on your Symantec application will receive an email with instructions to pick up and install the Authentic Document ID.

D: Finally, Qualcomm will send an email to the business contact identified on your Symantec application. The email will provide your business contact with a temporary username; password and URL specifically set up to access the Brew Developer Agreement.

Step 2: Complete the Brew ISV registration form and sign the Developer Agreement

A: In this step, your business contact must go to the Company Signup on the Distribution Extranet and sign in with their temporary username and password issued by Qualcomm. Upon login, they must complete the ISV registration form and register/assign your company's Distribution Extranet users with individual levels of security access.

B: Next, Qualcomm sends an email to each member of the developer company designated to gain access to the Distribution Extranet. This email will contain a username, password and URL enabling login to the Distribution Extranet based on their individual security levels.

Step 3: Register with Brew's 3rd Party Test House

Once you have completed the Brew Developer Agreement and received your permanent username (typically your email address), you must register with Intertek by visiting Intertek's TRUE Brew® Application Testing Submission Portal. Allow one business day from the time you log onto the Distribution Extranet to the time you register at Intertek.