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DNS operations, multicast groups, the network subsystem on the mobile device, TCP and UDP sockets, and network connectivity.


Brew MP provides interfaces and methods to perform DNS queries and override default settings. Alternate request types and compound queries are also supported.


Quality of Service (QoS) interfaces expose the underlying capabilities of the chipset's modem stack to Brew MP apps. They configure Tx and Rx filters to determine what packets will have QoS flow parameters applied for a given QoS Session on a network, and configure Tx and Rx flow parameters to determine what level of service will be applied to the packets that match the filter for a given QoS Session.


Brew MP supports standard stream (TCP) and datagram (UDP) network services, multiple (number of connections is platform-dependent) concurrent socket connections, IPv6/IPv4 and server sockets. The platform includes root certificates commonly used in SSL connection verification and support for standard SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0 secure connections.


Brew MP includes an HTTP 1.1 engine, suitable for apps that require standard access to Web servers, and the HTTPS engine uses Brew MP's SSL capabilities to conduct HTTP transactions over a secure socket.