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Getting Started

Interfaces and functionality are only part of the news in Brew MP. We've also made big changes to our documentation to help you find the answers to your questions more easily.

We're supplementing the references we've always provided in the SDK with three new document types - Primers, Technology Guides and How To's. We have also added sample code to help you get started.


Primers guide you through installing the tools, setting up the work environment, writing a basic Hello World application and debugging in the Simulator.

Technology Guides

Technology Guides help you understand Brew MP technologies and functional areas. They introduce new concepts and development workflow at a deeper level than that of the primers, including coding and simulating for a specific Brew MP family.

How Tos

How To's provide solutions to specific programming problems and include code snippets with explanation and sample code files to download.


References provide the details you need when working with the tools and writing the code to produce your application.

Online Learning

Training modules for brew resources

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Sample Code

Sample code is available to help you build, modify, test and execute specific tasks. Our sample code is organized by Brew API family so you can easily find and download code to add the features and functionality you want to your application.