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How Tos

How To's provide solutions to specific programming problems and include code snippets with explanation and sample code files to download.


24 Sep 10
Describes how to connect to a wireless access point using wlan_IConnMgr.


28 Mar 13
Provides general information about commercializing applications, including a summary of the steps required to get an application to market.


27 Jul 11
Describes the contents of the package and how applications can use the Verizon fonts with Brew MP, as well as how to install and use the package.


1 Feb 10
Describes how to connect an application to a PC via USB/IPort and how to send AT commands to the ATCOP.
13 Feb 10
Describes how to create an application for devices with extended keyboards.


2 Feb 10
Learn how to use ICamera to set up, preview, and save a snapshot or movie.
2 Feb 10
Provides the basic steps necessary to enable/use Open GL in a Brew MP application.


20 Dec 10
Discusses Mobile Application Security, including controlling and constraining code and code authorization methods.
9 Feb 10
Tells you how to declare and use a singleton in a Brew MP application.
20 Dec 10
Outlines how to package and authorize applications to run on Brew MP devices, develop and deploy an application download environment, and implement an on-device application manager.
15 Mar 11
Describes how Brew MP supports the implementation of a native application-download service using Open Mobile Alliance Download Over-the-Air (OMA DLOTA).
14 Mar 11
Learn how to share IShell-Dependent objects in Brew MP.
12 Feb 10
Learn how to create threads, set up a callback to be invoked when a thread terminates, and yield so that other threads can execute.


12 Feb 10
Learn how to use the Brew MP SMS interfaces in applications.


1 Jun 12
Describes how to build the toolset source kit and how to build individual tools. Also specifies the software required to do the builds and provides troubleshooting information.


8 Feb 10
Learn how to attach to a model, determining whether the event sent out by the model was desired, and taking actions based on those events. It provides the steps necessary to detach yourself from a model when you no longer need the notifications.
13 Apr 10
Learn how to create a custom touch controller to use in widget-based applications using touch controllers from the Brew MP UI Widgets platform.
14 May 10
Learn how to create a custom widget to show virtual input keypad and data.
9 Feb 10
Learn how to create a custom widget to use in widget-based applications.
12 Feb 10
Tells you how to use IBitmap in an application. Sample also provided.
24 Sep 10
Describes how to use the Touchscreen Troubleshooting Applet to verify the correct operation of a Brew MP touchscreen device.
22 Mar 12
Describes how to access a virtual keypad in legacy BREW applications using ITextCtl.