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Submitting your item for testing

After you self-test your item, you are ready to upload your ZIP file and self test (completed test plan) to the Intertek web site.

The item submission process involves:

  • Submitting your item to Intertek
  • Making any necessary changes per the self test results generated by the Intertek tester

The procedure you complete using the Intertek web site to submit your item depends on several variables: the type of item you’re submitting, whether or not you include your completed test plan (not required on all item submissions), and whether or not you have previously submitted your item.

The third-party test house supports the following submissions. Not all item types support every submission process listed below.

  • New submission—This is the first time the item has been submitted for testing.
  • Upgrade—You made updates to an item and you want to upgrade the version commercial channels offer in their catalogs.
  • Resubmit—An item you submitted failed testing, and you are resubmtting the item with its issues resolved.
  • Add platform—An item you previously submitted supports additional devices and you want to add the device information to your item.